Wise choice - you've decided to help make your apartment complex better and earn a little money for yourself.  The fine print (we promise, there's not much of it) is further down, but all you have to do is fill out this form below (we also promise we will never send you or your property manager spam or give away your information).  Then, if GuestOf does install on your property as a result, we'll give you a $500 Visa Gift Card - simple as that.

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Apartment Contact Name
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The fine print - first, you must be a tenant at the property you're referring.  When referring, if we are unable to contact the person you've provided, but then subsequently install later on for another reason, that unfortunately does not count for a referral bonus.  If multiple tenants at your property refer GuestOf, we will increase the bonus $100 for each additional referral (up to $1,000 total) and split it evenly between all tenants.  After installation on a qualified property as a result of your referral, GuestOf has 60 days from the date of install to send you your $$$.