Our original real estate product, built end to end by us, is the only app-based access solution for apartments and office complexes that offers you two straightforward ways to pay, giving you the ability to upgrade to smart access without breaking the bank or getting locked into a long-term subscription.

Tenant Subscription


Your tenants pay us directly if they want to use GuestOf services, and you can even get your install fee refunded if enough of your tenants stay signed up.


Management Subscription


No matter how many units you have in your complex, you pay one flat yearly rate.

We're so sure you and your tenants will both love GuestOf we'll give you a full refund after two months if you don't like it - but don't take our word for it.  Listen to those that are already using it:

GuestOf is great. I have keys for my friends, for my apartment cleaner when I’m not around, and for myself. I even have my own key as my phone’s background so I can use it quickly!
— Chris, Tenant
I can’t think of a complaint - the residents love GuestOf, and it’s easy for me to use. When I move a new resident in they’re always excited to go download the app and get started.
— Margaret, Property Manager


Resident App

  • Repeatable keys allow residents to set days and times when the keys work and when they don't - in addition, keys can be deleted or deactivated at any time, instantly rendering any key void at the building


  • Immediately upon scanning, the resident is notified on their phone which of their guests just arrived


  • Available on iOS, Android, and as a web-based portal


Landlord Dashboard

  • You and your property managers control all resident and guest activities via web-based SaaS dashboard, including activating/deactivating new or departing residents and super user authority to shut down any key at any time if misuse is suspected


  • Key scans provide a time-stamped log of who came into the building, whose key they used, and when they arrived, providing a more streamlined and secure method of guest logging than old paper based check in systems
    • Integration with AppFolio, BuildingLink, Yardi, etc. soon to come

Indoor/Outdoor Scanner

  • Get up and running in minutes, not hours or days - without the excess cost of running a high voltage line to your door


  • Available in black or white and fully waterproof, the shell consists of a sturdy plastic housing and brushed steel cover, and is easily installed with a clip and two tamper-proof screws.

Download product documentation, installation guides, and more HERE.


*Includes first scanning device - additional devices cost a one-time fee of $499.


Patent Pending