The GuestOf platform is like E-ZPass® for anything - it's for any application that needs a way to manage access, custom rules-based user authentication, event logging such as time stamped check ins, and more.  It can be used in services such as hot desk check in at co-working spaces, member verification in bike shares, temporary access to public showers or bathrooms, timecard management at SMBs, passenger authentication in self driving car short, it enables the future of the on-demand economy.

How does it work?

A bike share company, aptly named “BikeShare”, currently uses key fobs to verify someone has a valid membership when they want to rent a bike.  They’d like to start letting members verify within their app, but don’t have the resources to build it themselves.  Once they add GuestOf to their system, let's see how easy it is for a new member, Chris, to use it!


By integrating GuestOf into their product design via simple APIs, they're able to focus on what makes their business special - leaving the rest to us.


GuestOf's platform scales with you - add more devices as you need them, no matter how many users you have.


Think you'll need a lot of devices and worried about price?  Our yearly subscription caps so you can grow as big as you need.  Let's talk about how we can get you up and running.