Next-Gen Product Implementation Comes With Challenges

Multifamily Executive Magazine just published some great data highlighting the biggest barriers when installing next-gen tech.  The cost to implement these technologies is 3x more likely to be the biggest hurdle for multifamily owners and managers, and promoting the product as a positive is considered the most difficult thing to do.

Guess which company:

✔Provides the lowest cost next-gen access
✔Is the only app-based access solution that doesn't require a subscription from the owner/manager
✔Requires only a 30 minute installation
✔Gives your tenants an immediate, tangible benefit, and pays you back to promote the product

Surprise!  It's not a trick question, of course it's GuestOf.  Check out the rest of the article, and see if you agree with the challenges.  Then, ask us how we can address any of them - we've got an answer for them all.