GuestOf puts the control of who comes into your multifamily apartment or condo building, and when, back in your residents' hands.  They simply create virtual keys for their friends or family with the iOS, Android (coming soon), or online web apps, and then share those unique QR code keys directly to their guest's phone.  When they arrive at your building, all they have to do is scan the key at the GuestOf device installed at the front door.  Your residents will be notified on their phone that their guest has arrived, and you'll know who they are and who they're here to see - no need to sign in.


Our same patent pending technology works for office complexes, Airbnb & VRBO rentals, and more.  Want to let your employees use their phone to gain entry instead of a keycard, or easily set up temporary contractor access?  GuestOf's app can do that.  Need to figure out how to store keys somewhere secure for temporary apartment rentals?  No problem.

Time Sensitive Keys - set up a predetermined time for keys to go active and expire, perfect for friends in town for the weekend.

Time Sensitive Keys - keys can be set up to go active and expire at predetermined dates and times, even on a repeating schedule - perfect for friends, cleaners, dog walkers, etc.

Live Key Management - allow or revoke access to individual keys at any time from your phone or online account.

Live Key Management - residents can allow or revoke access to individual keys at any time from their phone.

Safety & Security - keys only work with your guests at your building, and have no identifying information that could lead anyone else to your apartment if found.

Safety & Security - keys only work with your residents' guests at their building, and can be tracked and deactivated at any time by management.


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